09 June 2010

parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme...

I find myself humming this song (... ah Simon and Garfunkel...) while I water the little plants in my vertical garden. I was inspired to plant a vertical garden by this post from The Fern and Mossery blog and instructions are found here on the instructables site. The garden was super easy to set up... now I must remember to diligently water. We have planted cherry and roma tomatoes, dill, lavender, chamomile, parsley, basil, chives, green onion, thyme, and mint and just used popsicle sticks to mark each pocket. So many sprouts have started to peek out from the soil, and it is so fun to check the pockets for growth and progress. 
Here is the full view... uh, it looks kind of gross and dirty, but I
think it will look much better once there is lush green plant growth.
vertical garden full view (DSC02987)
The dill was the first to show the most growth after about two weeks... (though I
am not sure what dill looks like in the early stages, so these may just be weeds...).
dill close-up (DSC02980)
a green onion peeking out from the soil around two weeks...
green onion sprout (DSC02985)

So it turns out they were dill... here is three weeks (took this photo yesterday).dill at 3 weeks (DSC03019)


  1. Look forward to seeing it grow


  2. This is so neat---you'll have all the spices you need! And I love the picture of the dill--it's really pretty!


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