24 July 2010

first etsy treasury...

Holy cow! A set of my corked tile coasters were featured in a treasury today. This is my first ever feature and so needless to say, I am quite excited. I love cork and so this is fantastic. You can find the treasury here. And many thanks to hperl who was so sweet to include my work!

first etsy treasury feature...

07 July 2010

paper monster photo competition...

I entered a photo competition over at Stitches and Glue... and I was chosen as a runner-up! Super cool... To enter the competition I had to make the paper Tonks (cut out the pattern, fold, and glue) and take a photo of them.

Here is my runner-up photo... just some quantum mechanics
for a little light reading... who knew the Tonks were so studious...


The paper monsters were a lot of fun to make... I liked turning the 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional objects. Here is the link to the paper monster pattern, you know, if you want to make one just for fun.

My lucky monster claw runner-up prize arrived in the mail on Saturday. I like it! Way better than a lucky rabbit's foot. Thanks to Paul Vincett from Stitches and Glue!

lucky monster claw II (DSC03441) lucky monster claw I (DSC03443)

02 July 2010

la pupuseria en mi cocina...

My dad is from El Salvador... I would love to visit there someday. In El Salvador a traditional dish is the pupusa. I have only had this dish once, maybe twice... but I remember how good they were. Jeff and I made pupusas for the first time last weekend. And since pupusas are meant to be served with curtido, I made that as well.
making the curtido...
The curtido is a spicy cabbage salad that is lightly fermented. Cabbage, onion, and carrots are blanched, spiced with oregano and red pepper flakes, and then allowed to sit in a water/vinegar mixture. I like it best when served cold.
cabbage for curtido (DSC03178) onions for curtido (DSC03185) carrots for curtido (DSC03181) 
vegetables for curtido I (DSC03186) vegetables for curtido II (DSC03191)
blanched and spiced curtido I (DSC03194) blanched and spiced curtido II (DSC03195)

the pupusa served with curtido and crumbled queso fresco...
pupusa! (DSC03207)

Our pupusas were made with spicy chicken and spicy beef. Next time I plan to make pupusas with beans and cheese or chicharrón (if I can find a good recipe). I will keep better track of my recipe and photo-document the whole process next time so that I can share how to make these delicious pupusas!