25 June 2010

mmmm... tortillas...

Jeff and I have been trying to eat all (or mostly) natural for the past month, and so we have been cooking/baking much more than we used to... which means experimenting and trying a lot of new recipes. I really wanted to learn to make flour tortillas and to use a recipe that didn't use a ton of lard but still tasted good. I found this recipe... it is so easy and the tortillas are delicious... highly recommended! Not only do they taste great, Jeff loves them, which makes the hard work even more worth it.

mix ingredients, knead dough, and allow to rest...
resting tortilla dough I (DSC03094)

roll dough into balls and allow to rest again...resting tortilla dough balls (DSC03100)

roll out dough really thin...
rolling dough (DSC03105)

ready to cook on the cast iron comal...
ready to cook (DSC03108)
ready to cook close-up I (DSC03113)

hot and ready to eat... homemade tortilla perfection!
cooked tortillas II (DSC03119)
cooked tortilla close-up (DSC03121)

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