07 August 2009

they say patience is a virtue...

As of yesterday, I submitted two demonstrations to the Wolfram Demonstrations project... one about simple harmonic oscillators and another that simulates rovibronic infrared spectra of rigid diatomic rotors. This is really the first milestone of my chemistry graduate work... a culmination of about six months of work since I had to learn a new program to develop these demos. I am super anxious to hear back from Wolfram as to whether they will be published or not... and now it's the weekend so I have to wait even longer. Hopefully I will hear back early next week. I did find a neat demo on the site that produces some really amazing patterns... I am currently using one as my desktop background.

Moiré pattern

"Super Moiré Patterns" from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project

These patterns are produced by superimposing rotated screens of parallel lines. The Mathematica player needed to play around with the patterns and other demos is available as a free download on the site.
Well, off to the store... the xbox just died...

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