29 August 2009

gar... broken hook...

Ever used a plastic crochet hook?
A few weeks ago I picked up a set of the Susan Bates plastic crochet hooks, and even though they seemed a bit flimsy, I liked how they felt in my hand and how the yarn slid across the hooks. Today I was just tinkering around with an amigurumi and the head of my size H hook just snapped clean off! I guess I should have seen that one coming...

plastic hooks break easy (DSC02035)

broken hook (DSC02033)

I think I'll reserve the rest of my plastic hooks for looser stitch projects...


  1. I've never tried plastic hooks before, I've used aluminum since I first started crocheting at 13... I may have to pick some plastic ones up though just to give them a shot :D

  2. Don't ya just hate it when that happens?
    Hope you have a reserve H in your hook arsenal.
    I've personally only ever used steel hooks *grin*
    I, like you, have looked at the plastic hooks in the stores (there were some really nice black ones) and thought to myself.. "I'd snap that by round 3"
    (you're crocheting pretty tight when you can bend a metal hook - and I've bent my fair share!)

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions..

  3. ooooooh! I feel your pain. I've snapped a wood hook and that was the end of my collecting wooden hooks. I've bent a steel hook using it as a tool not related to crochet. And I've bent some trying to unsnag them from the carpet...I am always buying new hooks. LOL

  4. Hi all...

    Kalena... for the price, I thought it was worth it just to give the plastics a shot. I purchased that package of 6 for right around 3 bucks.

    K4TT... luckily I do have another H hook (metal thankfully) just lying around. It's always good to have a back-up! :)

    yoursandi... really? I just didn't imagine a wood hook would snap easily. For some reason I thought they would be quite hard and sturdy. I have never used a wooden crochet hook and now I am curious... I just might have to make a run to Sierra's and pick one up.


  5. I use plastic hooks often, but I have never had one break like that. WOW. But, now since i have come across Clover aluminum hooks with the comfort grip. I'm hook on those.


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