07 July 2010

paper monster photo competition...

I entered a photo competition over at Stitches and Glue... and I was chosen as a runner-up! Super cool... To enter the competition I had to make the paper Tonks (cut out the pattern, fold, and glue) and take a photo of them.

Here is my runner-up photo... just some quantum mechanics
for a little light reading... who knew the Tonks were so studious...


The paper monsters were a lot of fun to make... I liked turning the 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional objects. Here is the link to the paper monster pattern, you know, if you want to make one just for fun.

My lucky monster claw runner-up prize arrived in the mail on Saturday. I like it! Way better than a lucky rabbit's foot. Thanks to Paul Vincett from Stitches and Glue!

lucky monster claw II (DSC03441) lucky monster claw I (DSC03443)

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