02 July 2010

la pupuseria en mi cocina...

My dad is from El Salvador... I would love to visit there someday. In El Salvador a traditional dish is the pupusa. I have only had this dish once, maybe twice... but I remember how good they were. Jeff and I made pupusas for the first time last weekend. And since pupusas are meant to be served with curtido, I made that as well.
making the curtido...
The curtido is a spicy cabbage salad that is lightly fermented. Cabbage, onion, and carrots are blanched, spiced with oregano and red pepper flakes, and then allowed to sit in a water/vinegar mixture. I like it best when served cold.
cabbage for curtido (DSC03178) onions for curtido (DSC03185) carrots for curtido (DSC03181) 
vegetables for curtido I (DSC03186) vegetables for curtido II (DSC03191)
blanched and spiced curtido I (DSC03194) blanched and spiced curtido II (DSC03195)

the pupusa served with curtido and crumbled queso fresco...
pupusa! (DSC03207)

Our pupusas were made with spicy chicken and spicy beef. Next time I plan to make pupusas with beans and cheese or chicharrón (if I can find a good recipe). I will keep better track of my recipe and photo-document the whole process next time so that I can share how to make these delicious pupusas!

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