28 March 2010

the market is open...

I am very happy to announce that the crochet café market is now open... the crochet café market

I have listed 3 sets of corked tile coasters (in custard, white, and rust). The coasters are made of porcelain tile and are fully backed with thick cork. I stain the cork in the shade of your choosing (honey, hazelnut, amaretto, or coffee bean). I love cork, so it only seemed right for it to have as much focus as the tile. I made some for around the apartment... my hubby loves them and I do as well. Nice, durable coasters...

coaster spiral stack (custard)
coaster spiral stack (white)
coaster spiral stack (rust)
cork shade options for tile coasters

I plan to list crochet works as well... some bracelets and scarves... but they are not quite ready yet.

Have a look around the market... you may see something you love!

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