20 April 2010

a refinishing quick fix...

So I have this great coffee table my mom refinished years ago. It is probably one of the most used pieces of furniture in my apartment. The apartment is a bit on the small side... and since there is no room for a kitchen table, the coffee table serves that purpose. Also, I no longer have a desk... again, small apartment... and so I use it for homework and crafting as well. It is a very well used and loved coffee table and so the finish on the table top has definitely seen better days. It was looking quite dry and had... cringe... water rings. 

I was planning on completely refinishing the top, but my hubby came home one day with Restor-A-Finish. I was so surprised at the result. The water rings were gone and the wood was restored to its former beauty. The process did not require any stripping or sanding... I just had to rub it on and then wipe it dry. Simple!

I still think the coffee table could use a proper refinishing due to it being used so frequently... some of the dry areas have returned. But this was a perfect quick fix until summer rolls around. I think this Restor-A-Finish is ideal for restoring lightly used furniture, blending out scratches or water rings, or simply bringing the life back to a faded finish.

before...                                                                        after...
before 1 (DSC02420) after 1 (DSC02424)
before...                                                                        after...
before 2 (DSC02419) after 2 (DSC02426)

after 3 (DSC02423)


  1. Wow! That's awesome! It looks really nice! I'm gonna have to try that stuff out---One of our end tables is looking a bit dry too, I just didn't think there was a quick fix to it...thanks!

  2. You did well on putting this together. I did not expect this to find this today. This is a great story.


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