14 December 2009

from the local yarn shop...

Took a visit to the local yarn shop, Mustard Seeds & Dreams, the other day and picked up some goodies. I was amazed at the selection of colors and fibers... all so beautiful. It was hard to stop myself at three skeins... but my hubby was there with me... the voice of reason, I guess...

New yarns! (DSC02266)

This is one is an 80% Mohair • 20% Acrylic blend by Kraemer Yarns. I am currently making a lace-type scarf for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It is more of a green... the photo doesn't quite do it justice...
Mohair/Acrylic Blend (DSC02271)

This one is a painted 50% Llama • 50% Wool blend by Cascade Yarns. This hank is destined to become a scarf for my sister-in-law for Christmas... which is really right around the corner (I better get started, huh)...
Llama/Wool blend (DSC02270)

This one is for me... it is a 79% Wool • 21% Linen blend by Cascade Yarns. I haven't quite decided what I will make with this one... probably a scarf... it is cold and I am loving scarves...
Wool/Linen Blend (DSC02277)


  1. Fab yarn... what you going to make?

  2. Hi Mandy...
    So the mohair blend has been made into a scarf for my mother-in-law (already gave it to her and she loved it!)... I have photos and still need to post them. The llama/wool blend will be scarf, but I haven't quite decided the design. And the wool/linen blend... well, I have to think some more on that one...

  3. Love the yarn!! :D

    I've listed your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award! You can see the list here: http://www.esshaych.blogpot.com :D

  4. Love the colours! Update to show us what you've made!

  5. HEY WHIT'
    The blog is looking good....what are you planing to make with the board you got for

  6. I think I will make a scarf with the loom I got for Christmas... the yarn arrived in the mail today!


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